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The KokoMoko Story

Every girl has played dress up at some point in their life; whether that was dressing up as a Disney Princess or putting on a fashion show for your dad and brothers when you got home from shopping with momma. . . well, this is Karen's story. 

When she was a young girl, Karen would dress up in her mom's, Judy, clothes: makeup, jewelry, wigs, you name it--she wore it. After putting together that days ensemble, Karen would sneak out the back of the house and run around to the front to knock on the door. 

When Judy answered, Karen would introduce herself as KokoMoko and then ask if Karen, herself, was available. After a few minutes of looking for Karen, Judy would explain that she must be out of the house and invite KokoMoko in to wait for her.

KokoMoko would sit and talk with Judy, having snacks or tea, waiting for Karen to get home. After an hour or so with no sign of Karen, KokoMoko would leave, tasking Judy with letting Karen know she has stopped by to see her once she returned.

After this, KokoMoko would sneak back in the house and run to her room. She would change back into Karen's clothes, go back out to the front door and walk in like she was just getting home from somewhere interesting. Judy would let Karen know that her friend had stopped by to see her like KokoMoko had asked, and the cycle would start back over.

KokoMoko Boutique's proud owner Karen and her love for fashion started from a young age. With the unwavering support from her husband, family, and friends, she has now been able to transform that love into a thriving business. Karen and everyone at KokoMoko look forward to serving you and thank you so much for your support.